Encuentro Networking

Sala Roja. ETSIDI Ronda de Valencia, 3, Madrid

This meeting aims to generate an exchange of ideas and impressions around entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. If you are interested in a casual and dynamic encounter with graduated ETSIDI students to learn about their diverse professional careers, exchange ideas and create new opportunities, this is the place to go.

Introduction to Intrapreneurship


Join the course "Introduction to entrepreneurship" and learn to succeed in the rapidly evolving online world. In this practical course, you will discover tools and methodologies for innovators, based on new developments and opportunities presented by the internet's growth. Participants will work on teams and develop a real project with guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and […]

Personal Branding for Entrepreneurs


Learn how you can use the power of the internet and social media to create your personal brand and have a place with the big names. During this short workshop we will learn the basics of personal branding for entrepreneurs: Understand your values Define your niche Learn how to create an online community Engage with […]

Encuentro Emprendimiento Femenino


Gender equality should be present everywhere. If you are interested in getting to know the work of our female entrepreneurs, you should join this encounter to create a dialogue and share ideas.

Introducing Social Entrepreneurship & Business Platforms


Information technologies have revolutionized many aspects of our lives. One of the most important is the way we work, buy, sell and do business. We have just entered into a new paradigm where most people have been through confinement and isolation. This has led to many products and services going online. The goal of this […]

Meet the Investors


Join us in this interactive event for a deeper insight into social entrepreneurship from investors in the field. Hear from the founder of Microwd, a company that connects women entrepreneurs in Latin America who want a microloan with investors looking for economic profitability and social impact. This online session aims to provide a deeper image […]