Application process – Overview

  • Choose the program that best fits your requirements
  • For UPM candidates: Register and submit your application following the instructions at (link)
  • For non UPM candidates please send the documentation stated below by email to

Please note that only the applications of candidates presented in due time and form will be considered by the Selection Committee
Preselected candidates will be called for an interview
Accepted candidates will be notified

Application process – In detail

Seed program

The application is attached as Annex 1 to this call. Interested candidates must:

  • Register the application, mandatorily attaching the documents (in PDF format) that appear in “Documentation”.
  • For UPM candidates: The application and the remaining documents will be registered through the UPM Electronic Registry (, as well as in the remaining electronic registries of any of the subjects referred to in article 2.1. and in the manner indicated in article 14 of Law 39/2015, of October 1, on the Common Administrative Procedure of Public Administrations.
  • For non UPM candidates: The application and the remaining documents will be registered through email at
  • Specific inquiries about the call and applications that cannot be resolved in a general way should be made preferably by email at the email address


The following documents are required to consider the complete application and must
be submitted together with the application form (annex 1):

  • Document accrediting knowledge of the English language sanctioned by a relevant institution (preferably, by passing objective tests with a minimum TOEFL 80/213/550 or equivalent).
  • Proof of knowledge of the Chinese language (if any)
  • Curriculum vitae in English, maximum two pages.
  • Motivation letter in English.
  • Report on the proposed innovation / entrepreneurship project in English, which must be
  • Include a development plan, maximum three pages.