Is the program conducted in English?

Yes, most of the program will be in English. Some interactions with
mentors and other experts may be in different languages if suitable for
the corresponding group/ entrepreneurs

How does Xiji Incubator support startups?
Xiji Incubator provides multifaceted support to startups through a holistic
approach. We offer access to a vibrant ecosystem of mentors, experts,
and industry professionals who offer personalized guidance. Our
program includes tailored workshops, seminars, and events that impart
essential skills and insights. Additionally, we facilitate networking
opportunities, connecting startups with potential investors, partners, and
collaborators. Funding prospects are enhanced through our investor
connections, helping startups secure necessary capital. Moreover, we
offer invaluable exposure to the Chinese market, leveraging our
strategic partnerships and resources. This comprehensive support
structure empowers startups to navigate challenges, seize opportunities,
and achieve sustainable growth.
Who can apply for Xiji Incubator?
Xiji Incubator welcomes applications from a diverse range of
entrepreneurs and startups. Whether you’re an individual with a novel
idea, a team working on an innovative project, or a startup aiming to
expand your horizons, you’re encouraged to apply. We value creativity,
dedication, and the drive to make a positive impact. While our program
often focuses on tech-driven ventures, we’re open to various industries
and sectors.
Can I still be a student and course subjects or finish my thesis?
Yes, that is one of our key advantages. Participants can be students and
entrepreneurs at the same time. We offer the possibility to take subjects
in a prestigious local university, Tongji University. Furthermore, for
participants that would like to finish their thesis (either master or
bachelor) can do it here with the support of local professors and mentor.
UPM also supports entrepreneurial thesis so a participant would like two
write their thesis about an aspect of their entrepreneurial project would
also be supported and allowed to do so.
Is Xiji Incubator only for entrepreneurs with a focus on the Chinese Market?
No, Xiji Incubator is not exclusively for entrepreneurs solely focused on
the Chinese market. While we certainly welcome those interested in
tapping into the opportunities China offers, the program also benefits
those exploring emerging or unfamiliar markets. The skills acquired in
understanding a new market, like China, provide a practical foundation
for entrepreneurs looking to take a strategic approach towards entering
and succeeding in any untapped market, ensuring a holistic growth
How long is the program?
Each batch lasts 6 months. There are two batches; one in spring
(February/March-July) and another one in the fall (September-
December/January). Stay up to date with the latest news by following
our linkedin page and checking the registration periods! Dont miss out!
Is there a cost to participate in Xiji Incubator?
Yes, the program fees are 3000 euros per batch. However, we have a
scholarship program that not only covers the program fees but also
provides a grant of 4000 euros for participants to cover the expenses of
their stay.
What does Xiji provide? Office space, legal, hosting?
For our in-person programs such as the seed
program, we provide working and meeting spaces, as
well as a nice lounge all with super fast wireless
Internet access. Basically, we’ll help you get
everything covered with minimal expense. We just
want you to focus on creating a great product while
you’re here, and not have to worry about all this other
What industries does Xiji Incubator focus on?
Our seed program primarily focuses on technological projects,
harnessing innovation across various sectors. While our core
expertise lies in tech-driven ventures, we’re open to supporting a
diverse range of industries. Whether you’re in AI, healthcare,
sustainable technologies, fintech, or any other sector, our program
is designed to provide valuable resources and guidance to help
your startup flourish.
Can I apply if my startup is in its very early stages?
Yes, actually Xiji Incubator’s seed program is just focused on early
stages. For this program we mostly value the team and the attitude
Do I need to have a business idea to apply?
Yes, having a business idea is a requirement for applying to Xiji
Incubator. However, your idea doesn’t need to be fully developed,
especially if you’re considering our Seed Program designed for
early-stage startups. Throughout the program, your project may
evolve, and this adaptability is encouraged as it signifies swift
learning and responsiveness to market dynamics. If you don’t
currently have any ideas, we offer a solution through our “Change
Makers” online course, which is free for EELISA members. This
course can help you discover your entrepreneurial potential and
generate ideas for your startup journey.
What kind of mentorship is provided?
At Xiji Incubator, we offer a comprehensive mentorship program that
caters to both horizontal and vertical needs of startups. In the early
phases, our internal mentors provide guidance and support, helping
you refine your business model, strategy, and initial steps. As your
startup progresses, we introduce external mentors who are industry
experts, investors, and successful entrepreneurs. These mentors
bring specialized knowledge, valuable insights, and real-world
experience to address the specific challenges your startup might
face at later stages. This combination of internal and external
mentorship ensures a well-rounded support system that fosters
growth and innovation at every step of your entrepreneurial journey.
Are there opportunities for funding through Xiji Incubator?
Yes. Our wide network allows us too provide constant opportunities for
funding both in China where the program takes place and abroad. We
host demo days, collaborate in competitions and arrange direct
meetings with potential investors.
Can international startups apply?
At the moment we can only accept applications from UPM, UPC,
Universidad de Sevilla, Politécnico de Monterrey. In a near future we will
extend it to EELISA community and international partners.
What is the selection process like?
Once students submit their applications online we select the most
suitable candidates according to the documents provided. After that we
conduct and interview to get to know them better and get the final
Is there a demo day or pitch event?
Yes, we have demo days monthly or every two weeks. For us is
important that participants are able to express and pitch their projects.
We use demo days to measure progress, get mentorship, investment,
partners, provide feedback, etc.
Where will we live while we are there? Do I have to be present in Shanghai for the whole program?
For our Seed Program, we highly encourage your
physical presence on-site. Being in this collaborative
environment is invaluable, providing opportunities for
spontaneous interactions with fellow companies and
mentors. This fosters learning, networking, and
coaching that can significantly contribute to your
growth. The unexpected meetings and the
camaraderie that naturally develops add immense
value to our accelerator experience. However, we
understand that your business and personal needs
may require travel. Your company, your rules – we’re
flexible. If our on-site option isn’t feasible or your start-
up is in a later stage, we have other programs such as
our growth program that doesn’t require your
presence in Shanghai.
Are there any success stories from past participants?
Absolutely, there have been remarkable success stories from our
past participants. Take the case of Movo, a dynamic bike rental
company that emerged from the program. Starting as a seed of an
idea during the program, Movo quickly blossomed into a global
venture. Today, it operates in over 8 countries and has gained the
trust of more than 50 million users, transforming urban mobility.
In fact, the spirit of success is deeply ingrained in our program’s
DNA. Every participant embarks on a transformative journey, where
their learning and growth surpass initial expectations. This ethos
has propelled numerous startups to heights they never imagined.
Check out this video to hear from a participant from our previous
batch what Xiji incubator meant for him and his transformative time
in Shanghai.
What sets Xiji Incubator apart from other startup programs? Xiji Incubator stands out from other startup programs for several compelling reasons:
1. **Study and Startup Simultaneously:** Unlike most programs, Xiji
Incubator offers the unique opportunity to continue your studies while
pursuing your entrepreneurial dreams. This flexibility empowers you to
balance academic pursuits with real-world business growth.
2. **No Equity Taken:** We understand the value of your vision. At Xiji
Incubator, we don’t take equity in your startup.
3. **Educational-Market Oriented:** Our program is designed to bridge
the gap between education and the market. You’ll gain practical skills
that directly apply to real-world business scenarios, ensuring your
startup journey is grounded in real-life experience.
4. **Practical Approach:** We emphasize a hands-on, practical
approach. Through mentorship, workshops, and events, you’ll acquire
tangible skills and insights to navigate the challenges of
5. **Leveraging the Chinese Ecosystem:** Being situated in Shanghai,
the heart of China’s bustling business scene, we provide unmatched
access to the Chinese ecosystem. This gives you a unique advantage
point to explore a market brimming with opportunities.
6. **Experienced Cross-Border Network:** Our extensive network of
mentors, investors, and experts spans both China and international
markets. This cross-border experience enables you to tap into global
insights and connections, making your startup journey truly
By encompassing these distinct features, Xiji Incubator offers a
transformative experience that not only fuels your entrepreneurial
ambitions but equips you with the tools to thrive in the competitive world
of startups.