Abdel Benkerroum (阿道)

Abdel (阿道)

Author of the book “We Have A Deal”, visiting professor at EMLYON and East China Normal University, founder and director of Eastheimer Training & Consulting, and global advisor to the Global Chamber Shanghai.

Abdel started his career in Texas in 2008 as Project Manager at Expeditors International of Washington. He then went on to work at their Paris office, and two years later got promoted to become Regional Account Manager in Dubai in charge of multi-million dollar accounts with clients like General Electric, Schlumberger and other global corporations. He moved to China in 2013 to start his own business.

Abdel is a graduate of Texas A&M University with an MBA obtained in Texas, and of Marseille School of Business (KEDGE) with a Master’s in Corporate Strategy obtained in France. He’s also a scholar of the Confucius Institute at the University of Dubai.